Sunday, 28 March 2010

TSV Day; Questions & Answers & Blog Candy!!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all of you for your lovely comments; emails and messages!
I am so glad you loved the TSV day and shows - wasn't it beautiful! I have mine and I cannot wait to get it up on my wall in my craft room and get organised!! I'll post piccies when done!

I have had quite a few emails with crafty questions so I will try to answer as many of them as I can here (if I miss any out, just drop me another email and i'll get back to you asap):

Owl Die Cuts on QVC
Lots of you have contacted me wanting to know where the owl die cut shapes come from that I was showing on air this week with Gilding Flakes - They are from here in Dawn's shop!

They are a die from Accucut in America that we use with our great big business die cutting machine! We do sell the owls pre-cut in white or cream card ready for you to decorate to your hearts content! They are priced at £1.00 for 4 owls - They are here on the website if you want to see them!

Attaching Gilding Flakes
You can use lots of adhesives to attach gilding flakes! You can use Double Sided Adhesive Sheets; Magi Film (the product that you use for picking up the negative peel off!); Your double sided tape plus you can also place it on to your 3d foam pads! You can also sprinkle the flakes into your Glossy Accents to create another look!

Pokey Tool
So many of you are asking where you can get the wooden handled ones that you see us with! They are here and priced at just £1.50! Bargain!

Distress Inks & Craft Sheets
The distress inks are different from other ink pads as they are made specifically for blending.
Also, yes, the craft sheet does make a huge difference it allows you to glide your inks smoothly on to your card stock - It really aids with the blending!

Slice Die Cutting System
My favourite die cutting system - but lots of you want to know what's the difference with the new MS+ design cards.............
The new cards have lots more capabilities in that they can do lots more than just cut your images. You can mirror an image (flip it back to front); you can emboss and deboss; you can also shadow your images plus it also comes with a speed boost which makes your machine work better and quicker!! They are really worth that extra bit of money, in my opinion!

Think that is all the questions answered!!

Well, best get on with putting my next Blog Candy together!!!
Will post in the next couple of days - Yippee!!



elaine said...

Craft day was fab as usual xx

Doodles said...

Hi Amy , you did a brilliant job loved watching the shows and spent too much again lol.

Wish you could have got longer to show how to use the fibers though got them coming and havent a clue lol, just seemed like a bargain.
have a great week

Amy Shaw said...

I wish I had more time on the films and fibres too!!
I tell you what, I will do a step by step instructions with photos this week and place on my blog!
There is so much you can do with them so hopefully it will give you a few ideas!!
Will get on here by the end of the week


nikkib said...

Have only just found your blog as am new to blogging..... loved craft day, and the recent storage TSV but was too late and missed out, did get the Spotty Craft Bags though, received the cuttlebug shaped one yeaterday, waiting for the other one which is my Mothers Day pressie from my 2 cats!! (I wasnt blessed with 2 legged babies, I have 4 legged ones instead LOL)

Momiji said...

Hi Amy ..have just discovered your blog and its great!
love that kraft colour card with the sort of stripe in that you have used with some of your cards. what is it? and where can I get some?
really like your designs with the martha stewart punches...very stylish.

Joanne Green said...

Hi Amy, I was away last weekend so missed the TSV..can you pleeeese tell me what it was, the suspense is killing me! Storage is a passion of mine as well as crafting!

Joanne xx

Joyce said...

Hi Amy... Happy Easter! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Just been reading Dawn's update and feel so sad tonight. Take good care of her, won't you. Hope Ben (and you!) gets lots of Easter goodies ... love and hugs (you're doing a fantastic job) Joyce xx

Doodles said...

Hi Amy thank you very much for taking the time to add step by steps when usings the Fibres that is going to help so much.

Big hugs to you and a extra special hug to your auntie Dawn , I am adding her to the healing list at my local spiritual church you never know the positive thoughts and collective love might be enough to help lift her a bit.
All my love and best wishes to you and the rest of the Dawn Bibby team xx

Marie said...

Hi Amy

Just wanted to say how well you did with the TSV, I was too late to buy it but still enjoyed watching the shows during the day! It must have taken ages to prepare for all of the shows but you were so professional and well organised, well done on your first "solo" TSV!

Hope you had a lovely Easter and I'm looking forward to seeing you and Dawn back on our screens this week for the mini series.

Marie x

cathinka said...

Hello, Amy, Just wanted to say "THANKS" -
it has been good and comforting to have you holding the fort so well- -and let you know how much I've enjoyed all your shows. Don't want that to sound as if I'm big-headed/jumped-up/weird-
but you are appreicated out here in the wide world, by one of the crafters-out-here!
And I had to say that your quiet care of Dawn at the TSV launch (15th April) was so heartening to see- -but you made me laugh out loud when Anthony said later on about you not being computer literate!! Your face (and splutter) were priceless, good thing you are so professional, cos it could
disaster- how you managed not to laugh for ages I don't know.
It still makes me grin even now, thinking of it- yes, I have to 'grin quietly' cos my neighbours will think I've cracked-up, this late at night!
Hope you can relax a bit now,
Thanks again,
take care, Cathy x

Joyce said...

Hi Amy, just a quick thanks for all your hard work this week (and in all the previous weeks recently) It can't have been easy, especially when both Ben and you were ill) but you've come through it with flying colours and your quiet support for Dawn has been wonderful .. she must be very proud of you. (as we all are!!) As usual, I've spent a fortune this week .. but that's nothing new!! Have a little break now (if possible) take care of Dawn (she's looking fab and will come out of this feeling much more positive, I'm sure) Love and hugs to both of you xx