Monday, 22 March 2010

Olympia Show and QVC!

Phew, what a great couple of days I have had with Dawn down at the Olympia show on Friday and Saturday!
We were there for Meet and Greets together with Demonstrations - plus Dawn's Birthday Party on the Friday afternoon at the show!

It was lovely to meet so many of you - it's still all a bit wierd to me people wanting my autograph and wanting their picture taken with me! Will take me a while to get used too I think! He He.

Well, I thought you might like to see a few piccies from the show............

On the Friday Julian was with us from QVC and we had such a giggle with him demonstrating next to Dawn! He is such fun and really one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
People always ask me who do I like working with on air - Julian is one of my favourites as he is so calming and such fun!

On Saturday Craig joined us and again we had lots of fun! Craig was having such a good time (trying) to demonstrate Distressing techniqes with Dawn! He is another one of my favourite presenters - one of the most genuine people I have ever met and he also really does enjoy crafting!
Then on Saturday after the show Dawn, Craig and Myself went out for a meal in London and a few drinks! It was great to be out on the town in London - We had a good couple of drinks and a bogey on the dance floor - Fab end to a great couple of days!

Sunday was the drive home - after, of course, we stopped for a Starbucks first!!! Can't function without caffeine!!
I dropped Dawn off at home to a big welcome from the doggies and then I rushed home to see my boys before Ben's bedtime. Just time for quick cuddles and kisses and a short snippet of Mary Poppins with Ben (his current favourite film!) and then it was off to bed for Ben so me and Chris cuddles up on the settee with a takeaway and Medium DVD! Bliss!

Well, back into work today - lots to do on the website but also got to go through my show for tomorrow on QVC 2pm - 4pm! Lots of lovely New Todays to get up to date with!
Then I will be home Tuesday night to prepare for my first ever TSV which airs at Midnight on Thursday night! I have never presented a full day of Craft before but I cannot wait for the opportunity - Hope you can all join me, it's going to be a great day!!

See you all then

Lots of Love



Helen B said...

Lovely to see the pictures of the weekend.You seem to be back on form after the family illness.How is Dawn she seems to be copicous by her absense?my love to you and your family.

scrapbookin said...

hi amy, my names amanda and i love having a look on your blog and dawns as well, but i just had to let you know that whilst reading your latest blog you gave me and my kids a good giggle when you wrote that youd had a good bogey on the dance floor, were sure you ment boogie, lol, just wanted to let you know xx ps i am looking forward to your tsv on thursday xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy you really are wworking hard arnt you !! Heard you have taken over from Dawn on QVC.How do you fit it all in !!

cathinka said...

well done, Amy- and thanks for posting the piccies- nice of you to think of those of us who can't get to the shows.
And lots of good luck for the TSV- will be up watching you, and wishing you lots of energy (after your bug recently)- cathinka xx

Joyce said...

Hi Amy, you're certainly having a very busy time!! You're going to be able to drive down to the South with your eyes closed .... but please don't!!!! Love the pics and glad you're back to full fitness. Do hope Dawn is o.k. .. noticed her blog hasn't been updated. Look after her won't you and give her my love. What a time she's had. Looking forward to seeing you today and Thursday/ Friday .. best of luck, but you'll be fine. xx

P.S. I noticed the 'bogey' too and had a giggle!

Anonymous said...

why are you doing the TSV and not Dawn

Amy Shaw said...

Ha ha!!! Sorry about the bogey comment!!!! You all knew what I meant!!! Lol
Busy preparing for TSV launch tomorrow night at midnight -so excited! Dawn is having a well deserved rest so I am doing the whole day and I cannot wait!! The TSV is GORGEOUS and there are lots of New Kits which we are loving so much!
Anyway, best get back to it - lots to do!!
See you all Thursday night at midnight and Friday at 9am; 12noon; 4pm; 7pm and 10pm!!


Fabrizio said...

It was great to meet you at Olympia Amy ! I had great fun during the demo. And you're right Dawn really needs to put her feet up.

Thanks again for the lovely day,

Fab and Vince

Amanda Gill said...

well done on all your craft shows on friday, i enjoyed them all.

Debo said...

Dawn didn't look very happy at Olympia. She obviously needs a good break but according to the QVC planner it looks like she's presenting on Saturday. Is that true or have they not changed the details yet?