Wednesday, 17 March 2010

All Better Now!!!

Finally!! Ben is all better and I am well on my way to feeling tip top again!!
It's been nearly 2 weeks of illness between us and believe me I am so glad it is all nearly over!

So, must get my work head back on which starts with travelling down to London tomorrow with Dawn to attend the Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia II in London!
A couple of very, very busy days so no chance of getting back into things slowly! LOL!
There will be demonstrations; meet and greets and Dawn's Birthday Party too!!

It is going to be a great few days, can't wait to see lots of you again!
For full info on the show click here.

Well, must get on with the packing whilst Ben is asleep!
See you all there



Joyce said...

What a time you've had .. and what a shame that it all started after you'd had such a lovely weekend. So glad to hear you're both feeling much better .. you certainly had us worried! Take care now .. and don't work too hard! x

Cheryl said...

glad that all are on the road to recovery. Miss not seeing either you or Dawn on the shows on QVC.
Now all we need is Jj back to make all perfect.
Would have loved to come and see you at the shows but I'm working :( hope all goes well love Cheryl in Morecambe

Helen B said...

Hi amy
So gald you feel better.Missed seeing you on QVC at the weekend but Caroline and Paula did a sterling job in your absence.This week I was able to book one of the last places for the weekend away for my daughter just cannot wait.
give a hug to Dawn she needs it.
Helen B

Pauline said...

Glad to hear you and Ben are both on the mend. Its bad enough being sick yourself but when your little ones are sick with you its hell. Before Christmas, my hubby, 3 year old son Harry and myself (8 months pregnant at time) all had heavy colds and chest infections. It was sheer hell, looking back I'm not sure how we coped but when you have kids you just gotta get on with it dont you?
Anyway so glad you both much better. Dont overdo it at the show, dont want you to have a relapse. Take care xx

Pauline said...

PS - love your blog candy x