Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Thankyou for all your kind messages

I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely emails and messages over the last 2 days.

Just to let you all know Ben seems a bit better tonight and hopefully will be even better tomorrow after a goods night sleep!! (Fingers Crossed!!)
The Doctor has said that he has had an allergic reaction to something but not sure what - he has a horrible red hot rash all over his face and also some on his body too - Piriton medicine together with the antibiotics and calpol are starting to work and his face and body are a bit better tonight!

It is awful seeing him so ill - he is usually such a happy little boy but all he wants right now is to be left alone with his Mummy cuddled up on settee! (It is lovely to have this time just us but also horrible to see him in pain)

He has just finally gone to sleep - so I am going to bed myself!!

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed Craft Day - so sorry to have missed out on it all, caught bits of it inbetween cuddles - Was nice to see it from this side for a change!!!

Night Night Everyone



Shirley Davis said...

I well remember how lovely it was to cuddle a poorly son and how easy it was to see when he was better! The relief didn't last long - I was soon run ragged entertaining a recovered child! So I hope your days are soon action-packed again Amy.

Anonymous said...

HI Amy Glad Ben is getting better .its horrible is nt it seeing your little ones under the weather.My girls were the same when they were poorly only wanted Mummy !! Dont worry Amt he will be right as rain in no time x Love Fay

Joyce said...

So glad that he seems a little bit better .. it is always so worrying, especially when they are so small. My little boy (who's now almost 36!!) had a similar reaction when he was about 5 years old and Piriton seemed to do the trick. I'm sure he'll be running rings around you before long!! When they are poorly though, it's only mum that they want. Love Joyce x

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typing error above !! AMY !! Love Fay

Helen B said...

Who would be a mother !!!.Hoping ben feels better today.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy, glad to hear that Ben is improving, it must have given you quite a scare, at least now they know it's an allergy he is getting the right treatment.

Just enjoy those cuddles.

Hugs Jean

Hilly's Crafts said...

Hi, nice to here Ben is getting well - nothing worse when you dont know what is wrong. I have a poorly little boy and girl myself at the moment with a very bad coughs - alright during the day but on a night it so bad. Enjoy those extra cuddles as I am xxx Hilly xxx

Joyce said...

Amy, what a time you're having .... have just heard on QVC from Dawn that you are now ill! You poor thing! Hope Ben is feeling better by now .. he'll have to cuddle you now!! Take care .. and Get Well Soon! x