Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

Apologies that I have not yet posted my step by step instructions as promised and also have not yet put up my Blog Candy - But, my internet is still down at home (has been now for 2 weeks - blumin BT!!!)
So, as soon as it is up and running again - which they have promised by the end of the week - I shall upload the step by step and Blog Candy!!

Until then



Helen B said...

Hi Amy
Good to hear from you,are you and yous well.Am looking forward to the blog candy.I hope now Dawn is up and going you are able to take things a little easier.

Doodles said...

Don't worry sweetheart i can wait for the instructions , I have been having fun with the beautiful bamboo and simba kanban stamps they are so so cute . Can't wait till the rest of my order comes.
hugs Sharon x

cathinka said...

Hello, Amy,
Don't worry about the silence, know how busy you've been and you held the fort well for Dawn, so will look forward to your Topaz newsletters and this blog news as and when.Hope you and your family are well, kind regards,

Joyce said...

Hi Amy .. amazing you have time to even think about us! You've done a wonderful job and obviously been an incredible support for Dawn. Look after yourself and your family .. we'll all wait but little boys grow up so quickly. Love and hugs x

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Sorry to hear about your internet i know i can't do anything without mine.
Any chance of some clues about the upcoming kanban Cd rom's
thanks p