Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Trees!

Has anyone seen those new Upside Down Christmas Trees????
Someone has just told me that they are so that you can fit more presents under the tree!!

Now, I know I am only 33 and this might sound a bit odd but................

I find this ridiculous - It really is a sign of the times that Christmas has become about spending money and not what it should be about - Spending time with Loved Ones???!!!

As you all know I do have a little boy, Ben, and yes, like any parent I want to buy him a few nice things at Christmas time but it still is to me about spending time with family. It is the only day of the year that we are all off work together as I work with my Mum, Dad and Aunty - So, we make it a rule that we do not talk business at all. It is purely about getting together and getting all the kids together and relaxing.

Am I too old for my years do you think??????

Ok - rant over with!! Just had to share it with you all!


Lindsay Mason said...

Amy, you are a breath of fresh air! Couldn't agree with you more about the fact that Christmas has become an excuse for a materialistic blow out. It should be, as you say, a time to show people that we care, want to spend time with them and shut out the "real" world for a day or two. Even for those who don't have a belief in the meaning of Christmas, it should still be a time for the kind of magic that comes without a price tag.
I don't know about the upside down trees - they are pretty off the wall, or should I say, ceiling! Lindsay x

jordiegirl said...

Totally agree with you Amy.

Some people spend far too much at Christmas and end up in a great deal of debt.

It is far too materialistic these days.

It should definitely be about spending time with your friends and family.

Haven't seen these upside down trees and wouldn't want one!

Heike said...

You are not on your own and definitely not too old for your age. I fully agree with you on this.

Heike x