Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What a busy week - and it's only Wednesday!

What a week - taken this week out of the office to work at home in my craft room!
I have a lot of projects going on (can't tell you more than they just yet!! he he) and the only way to get them done is to work at home I think - so here I am 10pm and still in my craft room!

Working with some gorgeous products and having real fun experimenting and playing - I know you probably don't believe it but honestly - I get very little time to just play! I know, I am surrounded by products all day - but getting time to just play is a real rare thing - so I am loving it! Had some disasters - but mostly some really good surprising results!
Had a chance to get really messy too - ruined one t-shirt allready! Wonder if these wash powders that claim on tv "remove all stains" really work!!! Will find out in the morning!!

Took a bit of time out this afternoon to go into work to pick up a few more things and have a meeting with the wonderful man from Stix2 - Brian! He came over especially to introduce me to a brand new product that they have just brought out onto the market that I am going to be airing as a New Today on Craft Day on the 27th December - It is a fab product, bit different from anything before so cannot wait to show it to everyone! I am going to have such fun playing with it and cannot wait for the results. Will confirm which hour it is going to be in and let you all know asap!!

I then had a quick chat with Jane, who works in Dawn's creative team, about Christmas and what we are going to be getting our little ones!! Jane's little girl Caity wants a big list of things - I wonder how old Ben will be when he makes his first list!?! I can remember writing my list for my mum and dad when I was young - But, my sister Katy was the best, she used to write at least 4 pages full and then she would also go through the catalogues and tick everything she wanted too!!

I cannot wait for Christmas this year - I am so excited about setting up the front room with Ben's presents on Christmas Eve night and then seeing his face on Christmas Day morning when he walks into the front room - Must remember to charge the battery in my camera!!

Anyway, best get to bed - that's enough for today!

Night night everyone

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