Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Sorry not updated for a few days - it's been madness the last few days - it is only now that I have chance to sit down for an hours peace and quiet to update my Blog!
Well, since I last updated you I spent a really great day on Saturday at Craft Rainbow in Liverpool doing a demo day! This shop is a hoot!!
I had so much fun with lots of banter - it was brilliant!
Usually, when you demo in a store you get people sitting down and standing around watching you for half an hour/an hour or so and then they move on - shop a bit and then come back a bit later to see if what you are doing again - Well, Craft Rainbow was completely different!
The ladies started arriving at about 9:45 and did not leave until the shop closed at 5pm!!!!
It was so much fun really getting to know them over the day and their sense of humours! Ha Ha!
Here is a picture of the owners - Sue & Jo with myself at the end of the day - Still smiling and laughing!
Everything again, that I was demonstrating had sold out by lunchtime - so Sue and Jo were taking down orders as we were going along so that they could place their orders with Woodware on Monday! Talk about fast paced!! As I was demonstrating people were shouting out "Sue, get me one of those!!" or "Jo, can I have one of them" - Brilliant!
Thoroughly enjoyed the day and cannot wait to return!
Sunday morning was spent at the in laws house for a few hours - where Ben played outside on the back garden fishing out all of the stones from the bottom of the pond - He keeps throwing them in on purpose so he can drag them out again with the net!! A game that could go on for hours!!
Wasn't it a scorcher of a day??
We then went out to do the Asda shop and then came back home mid afternoon and I was off up into my craft room to finalise some samples for my show at QVC on Monday.
Monday morning was spent packing everything up for QVC whilst playing jumping on the bed with Ben in between carrying kits downstairs!
Then early afternoon, me and Dad were off in the car down to London in plenty of time for my show at 11pm.
It was a good drive down - sun was shining and me and my dad just talk the whole way down - that is of course in between Starbucks stops!!
The show at 11pm was AMAZING!! I was on with Debbie Flint and lots of you have made comments to me in emails or on Facebook that we should have a regular Amy & Debbie show - How much fun would that be?! Debbie is such a love to work with - we always have such fun, but she lets me get on with it too - Perfect!
It was such a busy show - the OTO, Crop A Dile caused a real commotion on the ordering lines - it was so busy! Hope lots of you managed to grab yourself one - it was such a bargain!!
We had to go to a break straight after the Crop A Dile - to give the phone lines times to clear!
We then had the gorgeous Heart Distressing Tool and cardstock - which I personally ordered too as I love that tool, but with the cardstock too, it was another great deal and fab quality!
The brad tool was another favourite - how simple was that!?
And then, of course, there were the lovely Gel Pens 591244; Paper Flowers 591207; Butterflys 590512 & Papers 590515 - Phew!!!
It went by so quickly!
We then packed up the kits - got back into the car and travelled straight home!!
We arrived home at about 4:30am - and the sun was just coming back out - very strange to travel through the night and arrive home with the sunshine!
Today has been spent in my pyjamas at home - in fact I am still in them!!! Ha ha!
Oh, I have also updated all my diary dates on the right hand side with my Demo Dates out and about, possibly in a store near you and also I have lots of new QVC hours to update too - will get those on asap.
Well, I think that is all for today!
Got more prep to do this week - as I am back demonstrating at Crafty Company in Fleetwood again this Saturday - LOVE that store and they have a little cafe too, where they have fab cakes and make a cracking brew! So, do bob along if you are in the area.

Then I am also back on air next Monday - as it is a TSV Day with Anna Griffin and I am doing a couple of hours during the day!!
So, best get my beauty sleep whilst I can!
Big Hugs


CraftygasheadZo said...

Can't believe how busy you've been Amy! But what great fun, thanks for sharing it with us. I already have the Crop-O-Dile, but it was great to have a reminder of what can be done with it. Fab show. Take care Zo x

ShirleyDavisCrafts said...

It's all going so well for you, Amy! Well done. What a big step it is to go freelance like this and get the bookings! Hopefully at a store near me one day...take care.

little amanda 7609 said...

Firstly my apologies for falling asleep and NOT getting to watch Monday night, there again maybe it was a good thing as you are doing TSV with Anna next week. BIG fan of Anna's and my grandmother loves treating me to her stuff.

Good luck on all the freelancing,only wish I could do something like this myself or at least sell my cards!! never mind enjoying making them is something. Good luck with all this very busy stuff.