Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Craft Day & Demo Days

Hi Everyone

Had a great day yesterday at QVC - with 2 hours of shows!

Love working with Charlie - he is such fun, but we still get the job done!!

Here's a couple of photos from before the show................. Lol!!

Today I planned a duvet day - which kind of happened - but the phone was non-stop!

All, with good news though which was great! More dates added to my demo days out and about and some workshops in Aberdeen!! Really, really excited about being out and about meeting so many of you - Loving every minute of it.

So, check my dates to the right hand side and see if I am coming to a town near you soon!!

If not, drop me an email and I will see what I can do!!

Well, best crack on - Got lots to do again this week, prepping for mine and Lindsays workshops this Sunday - our very first workshop day together in Lancashire - Going to be a great, fun day!

Best crack on!

Big Hugs




Maureen (coffeepot46) said...

I've booked the weekend off so I'm free for the demo day in Aberdeen. Sadly can't get to the workshop but if I don't work I dint play either. Looking forward to meeting you again x

Susan said...

Hi, after Dawn's announcement will you be presenting more shows now?

Susan x