Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Day!

Wasn't it a beautiful wedding?


William looked so handsome in his uniform and Kate just looked so elegant.

Now, I am - to be honest - not a huge fan of the royal family. Don't know why, just never have been and I was not interested in the wedding at all, I had a day of crafting planned whilst Ben was at Nursery and Chris was at the gym!

I made a brew and was on my way up to my craft room when I thought I would just have a quick look at the tv - and it was just showing all the guests arriving into church - 2 hours later I finally left the tv and went to work!!!

I just loved watching all the people arrive - David Beckham (phwoar!!) and Victoria; Elton John & David, Rowan Atkinson and of course all the rest of the royal family too. Loved looking at all the different hats - not sure about some of them though!!! he he!

So, to be honest, after today I really do feel quite a new warmth towards our Royal Family - I think William and Kate will bring a much needed freshness to the whole set up.

They truly looked happy and completely relaxed with each other and I hope that that does not get ruined by royal life & duties!

Want to see what I got up too today..........................
Finished off a few samples for my demo day tomorrow at Crafty Company in Fleetwood!

This last scrapbook page is me and Chris on our wedding day nearly 4 years ago!

He surprised me today by coming up into my craft room whilst I was working and asking me to stand up - after moaning for a second as I was in the middle of doing some shrink plastic (!!) - I stood up and he gave me a great big hug and kiss and said "Happy Anniversary" (our wedding anniversary is next month) - But he told me that 5 years ago today we went on our first date together!! He is such a soppy romantic sometimes and I love him for it!

So Happy First Date Anniversary Hubby - I love you!

Anyway - best go and get an early night, I am really, really looking forward to tomorrow - Sandra at the shop has promised to have Lemon Drizzle Cake ready - Yummy!!!

Hope to see lots of you there as I will be working with gorgeous stamps from Woodware, showing you lots of different stamping techniques including Shrink Plastic and using tissue paper and Hot Glue from Stix2!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Big Hugs




Bea said...

Yes I too looked at some of the wedding - just the church bit and thought they looked fab - the dress was stunning and the whole thing was sso romantic - best wishes to them for the future as they will certainly need it. hope your weekend goes well

coffeepot46 said...

Like you I wasn't going to watch the wedding but ended up watching riser what she was wearing. Victoria Beckham forgot to smile but oh well. Everyone looked happy. Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy the Lemon Drizzle cake. I'm working all weekend and cause I stay way up near Inverness can't get there. I'm saving my pennies for your demo day in Aberdeen in June. Have booked my weekend off. Nite nite x

jordiegirl said...

Like you I am not a big fan of the Royal family - I was until Diana was killed in the car crash then I went off them. I wasn't going to watch the Royal wedding either, I only wanted to see her dress but I started recording at ten past ten this morning then when I sat down and time slipped it I did watch more than I intended but did fast forward some parts.

I also wasn't sure about some of the hats, particularly the ones worn by Beatrice and Eugenie and that thing Victoria Beckham had stuck on the front of her head!!!!!

Kate's dress was beautiful, I really liked it, and her sister Pippa was as pretty and slim as her with not a lump or bump showing through that lovely slimline dress she was wearing. Their mother also looked fabulous in her outfit. Well done the Middletons, you can keep up with the Windsors.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah what a lovely hubby you have Amy, fancy remembering your first date (did you ???). I love reading your blog, having met you at one of Dawn's weekends last year it's so lovely to keep up to date with your life.

little amanda 7609 said...

I actually don't care much for weddings (I know I am a strange woman!) but I watched and enjoyed this. It wasn't so stuffy as it could have been thank goodness and I think William and Catherine are a breath of fresh air.