Saturday, 19 March 2011

Workshop Day!


What a beautiful day and I am in a beautiful mood!

It's my full day of workshops today at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio - I love teaching!
I am teaching cardmaking this morning - where we are going to make 5 cards in 2 hours and then this afternoon it is scrapbooking where we are going to attempt to do 8 pages!!

Going to be a fun day - best stop off for the choccies on the way for us all!

Will post pictures and samples later

Have a great day - whatever you are doing




She said...

Morning Amy, just leaving now!! Sounds like we are going to have a fun-packed day!! I'm bringing choccy biccies :-) See you soon. Love S xx

nikkib said...

Its been a lovely day down South..... hope your workshops went well...