Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Quick Quick Slow!

Yesterday was Quick Quick and today has been Slow!!

I was at QVC yesterday doing the 2pm - 4pm slot.

My alarm was set for 4:30am - but Ben woke us up crying at 3am! He seemed ok, just upset. So we got him into bed with us and although it was 3am, it was lovely - he snuggled right into me and touched the side of my face then kissed me!!! It was amazing and made me melt - Why is it that you kids can do that - melt your heart completely with one word or movement! He is truly amazing.

Thankfully he soon fell back to sleep - But I just couldn't, so just enjoyed watching him sleep and giving him lots of kisses until it was time to get out of bed at 4:30am!

My wonderful Dad came to pick me up 6am - I am 34 years old - but I am still not allowed to drive down to London and back by myself!! If Chris cannot come - my mum and dad insist that one of them comes with me instead! At the beginning I thought it was silly - but now I am a mum myself, I completely understand!! Funny that!!!

We had a pretty good drive down - except for a slight diversion as part of the motorway was closed - Finally arrived at QVC at about 11am! Never mid - a Starbucks stop on the way always helps!

Had a great show - someone on Facebook asked me just before I went on air if I still get nervous before going on. The answer is definetley yes!! Nerves, I think, are a good thing - shows you care. I enjoy being on air so much - it is such a buzz! I am so lucky to be in a job that I love so much.

Me and Dad set off from QVC at about 5pm and then finally arrived hom at 11pm!! Long day - so happy to get into my own bed! I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow looking forward to a day off the next day.

Today has been fab - even though Ben was awake again shouting for me at 5:45am!

We have spent the day painting pictures; watching films; learning numbers and playing on the Wii. Ben had a little snooze in the afternoon for about an hour - and I so wish I could have gone to sleep too - but no matter how much I try, I can't sleep during the day. So, I did some fitness thing on the Wii instead!

Ah well, Ben is now fast asleep in bed - Chris is at the gym and I am supposed to be going up into my craft room to start my prep for my workshops this Saturday at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio - Don't know if I am going to make it though, need matchsticks for my eyes! Lol!!!

Anyway, best crack on - Also, blog candy is going to be up on here this week! It is quite a bumper selection so going to be open to Followers only.
Keep your eyes peeled

Night Night All




nikkib said...

Loved watching you yesterday Amy.... isn't it lovely how your Mum and Dad care about you..... Ben sounds lovely, I wasn't lucky enough to have kids but have friends who have kids and a Niece and Nephew who I have looked after so know how special they can be.. I had promised myself that I would craft tonight but have got involved in doing some Scouting work (I am a Local Training Manager for The Scout Association)so have promised myself I'll do some crafting tomorrow... hope you get a good nights sleep...

Crafty Helen said...

It's lovely that your such a close-knit family Amy. Not a day goes by when we all say 'love you lots' to each other. I think it's really important to be there for each other and help each other out, which is exactly what you do for Ben and what your Mum & Dad do for you! Kids are so precious and they grow up far too fast xx

Joyce said...

Hi Amy, it was lovely reading your blog today .. I could almost feel Ben snuggling into you and touching your face! I can remember the feeling so well, although my two 'little' boys are now in their 30's !! (I also know how your mum and dad feel!)
You must be shattered after such a long couple of days .. hopeyou can catch up on some sleep tonight!
Night night,
Love and hugs ... and another hug to Ben from me xx

jordiegirl said...

Recorded yesterday's programmes and watched them last night. Was that a new presenter on the 2nd show?

Look forward to seeing the blog candy and a chance to win.

I've done a little crafting this evening as I am making wedding stationery for a friend's granddaughter and she asked for a further 6 evening invitations to be made on top of what I have already supplied. I still have to do their Orders of Service, Place Cards, Table Names, Table Plan and her gift bags but I can't do the majority of those until she has the replies to the invitations. I've really enjoyed making these for them.

Sounds like you had a lovely day with Ben today even if you are a bit tired.

crafty card fairy said...

Great show on Tuesday Amy, loved it. Hope you get some much needed sleep soon. Enjoy the workshops at the weekend. Bye for now, best wishes and love Yvonne xx