Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Head!

Honestly, today seems to be one of those days were my head is spinning with 10,000 different things and 10,000 different thoughts - that I thought, I'll type a few of them out on my blog and then hopefully it will make my head a bit clearer!!!!

First of all, My Blog!
I really want to make more of an effort with my Blog - doing more projects and techniques - with little hints and tips for you all! There is never enough time on air to show you the little details of things. So, I am making a concious effort to more hands on with my Blog! Hopefully, you will see a difference very soon!

I am loving Twitter - so easy, just one little sentence and a picture here and there! Loving it. I love the people that you can follow too such as all the people from one of my favourite shows "The Hills"
I don't know if I have told you all this before but I LOVE America! I love everything about it. The place, the people, the food, the shopping, the whole experience of it all!! I even love their hospital system - which I discovered unfortunately 2 years ago whilst there with Ben and Chris (another story, another time!!) My oldest and bestest friend lives in North Carolina and I am so jealous of the lifestyle that they have - I would SO love to move to America! Hey Ho!!

We are off on holiday in a couple of weeks!
Am I the only person who dreads holidays for one reason alone????
I love them for getting away, switching the phone off, spending time with my boys, getting dressed up and night for dinner, getting time to read a book and not having to think about routines for a whole 10 - 14 days! The only thing I hate about holidays is that dread of the horrible and awful swimsuit/tankini!!!!!!
I hate it - get myself all wound up about it. So I have decided this year to go to a proper swimwear shop and invest in a really good and comfy tankini. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to loose this weight, I am not going to ever be a size 10 again - so, as lobg as my husband finds me attractive - and he tells me every day how gorgeous I am - I am admitting that I am always going to be a size 14 and just get on with it!!! Swimsuit shop here I come!

Phew, I am feeling better allready for getting this all off my chest!

And the last thing at the moment is our house - I am finally getting round to decorating our home room by room!
Back room/Play room first followed by Front Room, then Kitchen, then Bedroom, then Craft Room! Just painting and decorating, nothing major - but finding the time has been the real problem recently. Anyway, getting there slowly but surely thanks to the help of a friend too - Just cannot wait to get all these decorating ideas in my head into my rooms! Will put up pictures when done.

Well, I honestly feel so much better now! Clearer head - now time for a brew!

Oh, yes, the reason I really came on here was to tell you all that I am putting together another Blog Candy!!
Part of my decorating etc is to completely clear out and start again in my craft room so I can actually get in there and work!
Last time I cleared out my craft room - I threw out 21 bin bags full of stuff! So many people contacted me and said - don't chuck it all away, I will have it! So, this time, I am going to put everything together into kits and Blog Candy some off, plus I might also sell some items off - Money for my decorating!!!
If interested, become a follower of my blog and you will be the first to know!!

Until next time
Take Care and apologies for the rambling!!!



Claire said...

ahh amy, sounds like you need that holiday! lol I can completely understand we all have days like this! On the practical side try bravissimo for a decent swimming costume, but go in and get measured, the girls are great and you'll feel a million dollars. c x

Helen B said...

Hi Amy,
How lucky for you to go on holiday.You deserve some time with you and your lovely boys!!!.Imagine you will not have to think of QVC or Topaz crafts for two weeks.Enjoy the break and make sure you test the local food and of course the booze.
Take care.
love Helen B

michelle said...

Dont forget Schools and childrens homes would love any crafty stuff you are thinking of throwing away!!

Specially now funding isnt going to be so forthcoming.

Enjoy your hols:)
Michelle x

ytramm said...

hi Amy, know what you mean about America, it is my second home. My aunt and her four children have lived there since 1966 and have been based in Las Vegas for over 40 years. I try and get out there once a year to stay with them and catch up, I too would love to go and live there. I would be in drag racing heaven!! Have a fantastic holiday, you deserve every minute of it. Look forward to the blog candy - maybe I will get lucky. Have joined your followers now so here's hoping. Love and best wishe to you all, see you when you get back, Yvonne xxxx

elaine said...

Wow more blog candy cant wait. Glad you will be having a break soon you deserve it.
Take care Elaine xx

Taniaj said...

I wish I was nearer to you I would help sort out your craft room lol:)
I think I have come to the same decision re shape and size I am happy Husband happy will just have to love my shape. Don't think I'd be doing the swinsuit lark though lol hate water. Anyway have a great holiday when it gets here. Hugs Tx

nikkib said...

Sounds like me at the moment, trying to sort out my craft room as its a tip and I'm moving from 1 room to another..... I love America, we hve 2 timeshares in Las Vegas, a brilliant place... also love San Francisco, could live there.... Have a lovely time on holiday, you deserve a break...

Joyce said...

Hi Amy, hope you have a super holiday ... you really deserve it! We all know the feeling about 'Crafty Stuff' .. it just takes a bit of will-power to get rid of it!
So, have a really good break, forget about trying to lose weight and ... enjoy!! xx

cathinka said...

Enjoy your time off, Amy- you really deserve it, you have been working so hard. Will miss you on tv, but come back refreshed.
I use 'Ample Bosom' for bras and swimming cossies- and whilst the cossies are expensive, they do hold you in and fit well- no probs with my bits and bulges popping out!
More blog candy from your tidy-up- lovely!
Happy, refreshing holiday-