Monday, 16 August 2010


Morning everyone!

Just a real quickie.........
On the road down to London (don't worry, my Dad's driving whilst I type!!)
I am on QVC today for a full on two hours of crafting from 2pm - 4pm!

Hope you can join me with a brew!!!!!

See you then
lots of love



mustavcoffee said...

Safe journey, looking forward to it:D xx

ytramm said...

Hi Amy - look forward to seeing you this afternoon. Will be watching on my pc at work - and yes I will have a brew with you. love and hugs, Yvonne xx

nikkib said...

Am watching you right now..... it was my birthday yesterday and I was given some money so am looking to spend it on craft stash...

Doodles said...

And what a wonderful show it was too. Thank you for all your hard work.

(just thought i'd pop over from FB and say hi here too )

hugs Sharon x