Sunday, 11 July 2010

This Weeks Show at QVC!

Just to let you all know that this weeks Tuesday show at QVC has
been changed to 1pm - 3pm!!!!
Spread the word people!!

I don't want anybody to miss out as look at what I am going to be showing you.....................

I am SO IN LOVE with this fab tool from We Are Memory Keepers in the USA!
It is truly amazing and I cannot wait to show it to all of you - together of course with lots and lots of other goodies!!

Well, back off to my craft room to carry on playing - I am having so much fun!!

So, see you on Tuesday at 1pm!!!!!

Loads of Love



michelle said...

Crikey Amy!!! I would have been most miffed if I had missed that!!!

Thanks for warning us:) Hope you are feeling alot better now.

I will see you (but not you me haha) on Tuesday.

Very quiet at the Craft Markets this weekend:( But we all still had fun.
Michelle x

Rainbow Lady said...

Glad you are feeling better now Amy. I too am in love with the Cinch bought last time it was on QVC. I will be watching on TUesday Love Cynthia x

jordiegirl said...

Hi Amy

Thanks for the heads up on the QVC programme time, will have to change the time on my PVR or I will miss some and I am at work until 1.30.

I've seen the Bind It All in the past then saw The Cinch launch on QVC too, I think that looks a better tool, but really shouldn't buy anything more at the moment so may have to pass on that at the moment. I have just invested in a laminating machine as I have made some bookmarks which look better and will last longer when laminated.

Look forward to watching you on Tuesday - pleased you are feeling better now.

ytramm said...

can't wait for tomorrow's show amy - hope you are feeling better now. see you there, best wishes, Yvonne xx

Helen B said...

Hi Amy,
Glad you feel better this week.Thanks for the warning,I shall have to get out of work early.
looking forward to tomorow .
Love Helen B

nikkib said...

Glad you are feeling better now Amy... I love this tool but have the Bind it all, which one would you recommend? I haven't really used my bind it all, mainly as I don't have the space, but my wonderful hubby has decorated his old office and made it into my new craft room so I'm in the market for storage and some new toys... I saw The Cinch a few weeks ago on QVC and was tempted.....

Katie said...

Hi Amy,
My Cinch arrived last week and I only got it out this morning. I can't believe how easy it is to use, I love it! Why did it stay in the box for so long and how have I managed all this time without it? x