Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

And the winner is.....................................................


Drop me an email with your info and I will send the Blog Candy off to you!

Apologies for the delay in posting on my blog recently but been down in London so much recently!

Off down again tomorrow for TSV Launch Monday night - so will update you all with photos and goings on later next week!

Until then
Enjoy the rest of your weekend



Rainbow Lady said...

Woo hoo thank you so much Amy I never win anything so am delighted. Love and hugs Cynthia x

jordiegirl said...

Congratulations Rainbow Lady.

All Pink girl said...

Hi Amy xxxxx
huge thanks for the fabulous time we had at the costomer avent
plus huge mega thanks for Anthony coming accross to say hi (owe you xxx)
huge hugs Dawn xxxx

Helen B said...

Hi Amy,
Well done Rainbow Lady,maybe it will be my turn to win next time.
If you are down in London so much,you must miss Ben so much.It is really hard to be a working Mum.
To divide time to work and home must be difficult,I know I have been through it.The thing that suffers most is you time,make sure you get plenty to recharge the batteries.
Looking forward to the TSV

Love Helen B

Doodles said...

congratulations Rainbow Lady have a heap of fun with your candy xxx