Saturday, 27 February 2010

Valentines Day!!

I know this is a bit late - but I completely forgot to post a photo of what I received for Valentines Day!!!
The flowers were from Chris - obviously!
But, the gorgeous card was made by Ben at Nursery!!
I was so proud - His first card!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Aw `Gorgeous` now thats priceless...maybe the next Tim Holtz in the making:)x

Joanne said...

When do his workshops start?? x

jordiegirl said...


Doodles said...

beautiful card from Ben i can see he has his mummy's artistic flair , have a brilliant week.
hugs Sharon x

jordiegirl said...

When you were on air last week you mentioned how bad your nails were and you needed help.

My nails were really awful, kept breaking and splitting, since I've used OPI Nail Envy they have gone from strength to strength, literally! I now need to file them down they get so long.

Nail Envy is so simple to use for a busy mum like you so give it a go, you'll be amazed at the results.

Fiona said...

Just been watching you on QVC today and thought you did really well - pity we didn't get more time for the gilding flakes. Get them on first next time!!!!! x