Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My Christmas Tree!!

Finally got my Christmas Tree up last night!
I wanted to go WARM this year - so I bought gold lights and gold/copper & bronze baubles & tinsel!
Put it all together whilst watching Harry Potter and making my way through a tub of Terrys Chocolate Orange Segments!! Mmmmmmmmmmm - Delicious!

Ben walked into the front room this morning and pointed at it and said "What's that?" I told him that it was our Christmas Tree and he just stood there pointing at it saying "Wow!!"

Can't wait for his face on Christmas morning when the tree has a train set underneath it for him!!!!



Hayley said...

A beautiful tree Amy - same colour theme as mine (good choice!)

My niece is 3 in March and is so into Christmas this year, it makes it much more exciting!!

Hayley x

Fiona said...

Lovely tree - can't wait to get mine up too!!!