Friday, 4 September 2009

What a week!

What a week I've had!
First of all it started off last Sunday teaching at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio - This month it was Scrapbooking for Begineers - It was such a great class, my 12 ladies got through 4 scrapbooking pages in 3 hours! We did watercolouring, distressing and stamping! It was busy but great fun!

Here are the pages we made together with photos of a few of us!

I teach classes every month at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio and my next class day is the 3rd October where I am teaching begineers christmas cards in the morning and begineers scrapbooking again in the afternoon - If you would like to join (don't be shy - I don't bite!) give the Design Studio a call on 01254 356501 to book.

Then after heading home I went off with Chris and Ben to the park for an hour so that Ben could play on the swings and slides - he loves the park and all the open space, he sets off running and keeps going until he eventually stops and then turns around for one of us to pick him up and carry him!!
Monday was then spent at Dawn's house helping out with filming of her brand new DVD!!!! I can't tell you anymore than that other than it's going to be a good one!!! Keep your eyes peeled on Dawn's Blog for up to date info!
Then at 5pm I quickly drove home, rang my Mum who was looking after Ben for us for the night, checked that he was ok and that he had everything he needed and then me and Chris were off on the road to London - I was on air at QVC on Tuesday morning at 10am with a Clearance Hour. We arrived at the Hotel at 10:30pm - ordered room service and sunk into bed to catch up on some sleep. Poor Chris - he was up all night being sick, Ben had the bug this week and now it looked like Chris has caught it!! So in the morning, I had to leave Chris at the Hotel whilst I went off to Studio to set up and go live on air on 10am!
The hour on air was hectic and fun with Anthony - but as soon as I came off air I rang Chris and he wasn't any better. Dawn and JJ were on their way into QVC as Dawn was on at 2pm - so I helped JJ set up Dawn's 2pm hour whilst Dawn was in a meeting and then I got back to the Hotel to collect Chris, who looked awful, but just wanted to get home - So off we set, got home at 5pm had a fab reunion with Ben (miss him so much when I am away) and then it was off home - Chris straight to bed and me and Ben cuddling on the sette watching Mamma Mia - He loves musicals, just like his Mummy!

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