Friday, 10 July 2009

Playing with my Camera again!

I can't put it down!! I have taken so many photographs over the last few days - Ben is completely used to me snapping away at him all the time now - I even woke him up this week taking a picture of him asleep!!! He just looked at me and turned over - Probably thinking, Why can't she just leave me to sleep!!

I met up with my Brother this week and the flowers in the front garden (which used to be my grandma's house) are starting to come out again. They are the most gorgeous Hydrangea's - and everytime we see them come out they always make us think about Grandma - as she loved her flowers in her garden.
I love the purple and lilac tones that come through!
Aren't they pretty.
Just joined a local photography group as well - so hopefully my camera skills are going to get better and better!!

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