Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blank Scrapbook Pages!!

We have a Staff Scrapbooking Night here at work every month - it's great fun and gives us all a chance to just sit and get on with our memory albums! So, I sat down last week - opened up my scrapbooking box and bag to find all my papers that co-ordinate with my K&Co Album tat I have bought to do Ben's First Year Album - But, no photos!!!! I had them printed off and in an envelope in my box, I am sure of it - But now they just aren't there!!! I am sure they will turn up somewhere - but I felt lost!!! How on earth was I gonna get my pages done without my photos!!
Well, after a brew and a yoghurt (trying to be good - swimsuit time in 9 weeks!!) I thought, don't be daft - Just get your pages laid out and stuck down and then just put your photos on when you get them printed again! It was so easy!!!! Not thinking about colours in photos - just concentrating on the layouts! Think I might do it this way from now on - I got 3 pages done in an hour - So much quicker! Mind you, saying that, I might feel differently when I go to put my photos on them - LOL! We'll see!!!

Will put photos on when finished off!!

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