Friday, 18 November 2011

Brand New at QVC - Loving it!!

Just had to share this with you really quickly!

I am IN LOVE with these flowers and they are soooooo easy to make - they are perfect for some home decor projects I am doing at the moment!

It is such a new tool from QVC - that it has only just been put online at QVCUK now - but with no picture yet!

So, if you want to order yours before anyone else (and whilst there is stock) - Click on this link:

Must apologise for the lack of talking in the video and my polka dot pyjamas!!!!
It was very late last night and everyone was asleep in the house, so had to be quiet!
Added some background music - which I love!



Nicki said...

Very cute!!

Love your Pj's too lol.

Becky Dunham said...

Beautiful flowers Amy! I love the punch :)

MARION said...

Told you they were GOOOOOOOOOD !!!!!! xxx