Thursday, 26 May 2011

My First Day at USArtquest

Well, I am finally here - after a stop over in New York!!!!
My flight was cancelled because of terrible weather here in Detroit - but I have finally made it 24 hours later than expected!

So, we have got straight into work and I am having a blast allready - we are just now stopping for dinner and then after dinner it is straight back into Sue's amazing Studio!!

Lots and Lots of piccies to follow.......................

In the meantime, check out a quick post from USArtquest today on their blog (excuse the photos of me looking a bit tired!! Lol!!

Catch up with you all again tomorrow!


1 comment:

Julie Kearney said...

Photos look great Amy and all those craft presents , not that I'm jealous, have a great stay and I hope the delay wasn't too stressful.