Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Step By Step and Exciting News!

Well, here they are, step by step instructions for the paper ribbon flowers I briefly showed on QVC last week:

(Apologies, that there is no video - blumin thing would not work again!)

Step 1
Cut lots of strips of any paper approximately the same length & width
I did mine at about 15cm long & 0.5cm wide
Use as many different papers as you want - I used 3 different designs for these particular flowers.

Step 2
Take the Large Stix2 3d foam squares and place one seperately on the sheet - away from the others - and peel backing off!

Step 3
Take a strip of the paper and twist at the ends to make a loop

Step 4
Using tweezers (as it makes it so much easier!!) nip at the ends and secure on to your 3d foam square

Step 5
Take another strip of paper and repeat the process, alternating your designs.

Step 6
You will finish up with this!

Step 7
Punch two scallop circles in co-ordinating coloured card stock. I did one of them using a 1.5" diameter punch and one using a 1.25" diameter punch
Place another large 3d foam square over the ends of your strips to cover and secure.

Step 8
Secure your scallop circles on top to finish!

Step 9
Lift carefully from the sheet with your 3d foam square still attached to the back ready for you to place on to your card!


Just to share this with you as well though..........
I wanted to put my flower somewhere safe whilst I made some more to make a card - I had this canvas on my table ready for another project so placed it on to there! Then my mind starting spinning!! A Canvas of Flowers!!!!

So, I made 2 more flowers of varying sizes and ended up with this as their resting place!!

It is going to make a fab picture for one of my Niece's rooms when I finish it! Going to cover the canvas with paint, papers and a bit of bling! Will post final picture when finished!!
Funny how sometimes you start off to make one thing and end up making something completely different isn't it!!

I hope this has helped - make sure you send me photos of your finished flowers and what you make them into!

Now to my exciting news, well, I have two pieces of news...............
First of all guess who I will be spending an afternoon with next Saturday.............
Mr Tim Holtz!! Eeeeekkkk!!

I am going on a Tim Holtz Workshop to spend an afternoon being taught by the man himself - learning lots of new techniques and playing with all his new products - I cannot wait to get my fingers dirty!! Wonder what we will be making - eeeekkkkkk!
I promise I will put pictures up here on my Blog of my finished work when I return to share with you all!

Second piece of news.............. and more exciting than the first.............
I am ecstatic to tell you all that I have received an invitation to travel to Bonny Scotland to do a 2 day event of demonstrations and a weekend of workshops!!! Wowsers!!

The Inkspot in Hamilton near Glasgow - have very kindly asked me to visit them to demonstrate in their lovely store on the 11th & 12th March and also to teach two days of workshops on the 8th & 9th of April!!

I am so excited - it is going to be a fab opportunity to meet so many of you over the border!!

Marion & Patricia at the Inkspot have informed me that they have sent out a Newsletter to their customers and are busy with enquiries and bookings -thank you so much to those of you who have already booked, if you are interested in receiving further information & booking this is the telephone number and email address at Inkspot:
Phone Number: 01698 201309

At the demonstrations on the 11th & 12th March I will be using BRAND NEW goodies from Personal Impressions including the most stunning Martha Stewart punches which are just arriving from America!

My cardmaking workshops on the 8th & 9th April will incorporate lots of brand new products & techniques too!! I am already itching to get going and will post more details nearer the date.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many trips for me "North of the Border" and I cannot wait to meet you all and enjoy some happy crafting days!
If you are not in Scotland - keep your eyes peeled here for more updates - who knows I might be coming to a town near you soon!!!




Rainbow Lady said...

I too am going on Tim's workshop the following week. Enjoy. You must come to Inverness too. Love Cynthia x

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations, I am sure you will enjoy all the events and will share your experiences with us.Looking forward to it.
Just shows all the guesses were way out.
Love Chris.

Petrina said...

Amy I am so jealous a lady at the church we go to is going too. I didn't no anything about it until she told me and by then it was too late!!!! The tickets were sold! I love what Tim does he is amazing. I would love to be there. Get him to sign something for me...PLEASE!
Congratulations on your demo weekend thats fantastic for you. You deserve it though your so good at what you do. Petrina. xx

Joyce said...

Wow Amy ... how fabulous!! Tim's workshop sounds brilliant, but the people of Hamilton are in for treat!!
I'm sure you're thrilled and deservedly so .. well done!! Love and hugs, Joyce x

dawn060861 said...

Thank you Amy for the flowers demo, so effective, I will be flower making all weekend ! Tim Holtz! I love his vintgae ink pads , his style is brilliant. I hope you enjoy your workshops in Scotland, hope you take some pics so we can see what you were up to : )
X Dawn

lanniesmum said...

Have booked at Inkspot for the friday class Amy. Really looking forward to working with you as I really like your style of crafting.

crafty card fairy said...

congratulations Amy, have a great time with Tim and in Scotland they will all love you. Best wishes and love Yvonne xx

Anonymous said...

Amy hope you enjoy all forthcoming events sounds fab especially the Tim Holtz workshop with your crafting knowledge and skills you could teach Timmy boy some techniques - met you at Olympia last year you kindly signed a teddy for my poorly daughter hopefully see you again this year - thanks also for saying hi during a QVC craft (with Debbie Flint)show to my hubby Lee who at the time was suffering with a bad back - enjoy and have lots of fun - Gill xx

nikkib said...

Have a fabulous time at Tim's workshop, and all your trips out this year, sounds great... Love the project, will be giving that a go myself as so effective.

little amanda 7609 said...

Fantastic about the workshop and the demonstrations