Sunday, 16 January 2011

I am trying to.............................

I love quotes!!
This is one from a Tim Holtz stamp set that I worked with for Dawn's shows last week.

I am feeling quite "deep" at the moment! And this quote is a great one!

I've just returned from a fab holiday in Marbella with my family - don't know if you are the same but time away always makes me really sit down and listen to my thoughts!

Our day to day lives go by and we are so busy - that we never seem to have time to sit and listen do we?

At the airport on the way out I bought a few magazines for the holiday and one of them, think it was Take A Break, had a true story by a woman talking about how she had made a new years resolution to relax and enjoy life more - spurred on by many stories of instances with her children.

One of them was that she always had to have her hair done and makeup done before leaving the house - and she just looked at her children who had picked their own clothes to put on that morning, nothing matched and they did not care at all - all they wanted to do was go outside and play!

So this lady now no longer bothers to the extent that she used too and listens to her kids more!

Sometimes stories do hit a chord with me and this certainly has!

I am sure we all at some time or another, worry too much about what other people think of us - how we look - what we say - what we do! And do you know what, it shouldn't matter!!

As long as we are happy and loved - we should be loving and happy in return don't you think?

Will leave you with a picture from our holiday - I took over 500 pics in a week but this is my absolute favourite - it's not great from a photographers point of view I know - But i love it for what it is! My gorgeous little boys tootsies splashing in the pool!!
Life is best when it is simple!!!!


gillian said...

life should be fun and for living,take each day at a time and enjoy it we all worry to much about what others think of us, enjoy your time with Ben while he is young as they soon grow up. Glad you have had a lovely holiday you will be busy puting all those pictures on scapbook pages x

Beverley said...

I agree so much with your post! Enjoy life and enjoy your time with Ben. My children are teenagers and as much as I love them dearly and the young adults they are becoming, I miss them as small children when life seemed so simple. Feel good about yourself for you, your husband and your family, they are the important things in life.

Bev x

She said...

Oh Amy what a great post and so true. Make sure you enjoy your life and time with your gorgeous Ben. Glad you had a fantastic the photo of Ben's toes! Made me smile :-) Hopefully see you soon. Love S x

Helen B said...

Hi Amy,
Life really about making memories that can last forever.People try to do so much at once that in the end nothing gets done.
I learnt a sharp lesson while hanging onto what I thought was really important.At a moment I thought all was well my life collapsed.I have since had Chronic depression and also developed MS.I now take on day at a time.Enjoy today for what it is,and try not tomorrow.
I also like quotes,try this one:
Learn lessons from the past,
Look forward to the future,
Enjoy the present,
Don't let yesterdays disapponiments cloud tomorrows dream.
I am sure the future seems a little scary,but we are always to support you.

Helen B

nikkib said...

Lovely picture, would make a great Scrapbook page... glad you enjoyed your holiday. Life is too short to worry about what other people think, or at least thats what I tell myself... maybe I should listen to myself sometimes! Looking fwd to Craft Day this week.

jordiegirl said...

Great post, all of what you said is very true.

I must admit I often go out without any make up on at all, as long as I have my moisturiser on I'm happy. If people don't like me without my make up on it's tough.

Life is for living and enjoying your family when you can.

Cheryl said...

Lovely post Amy. Ben is growing up so quickly enjoy your time with him. Life is to short for if only I'd dones.
lovely photo of childhood innocence.

Love Cheryl in Morecambe xxx

Rachel Greig said...

Totally agree Amy! Life is for living it up :) As much as we can anyway!!! Love your picture! Looking forward to seeing you next month :)

Joanne Green said...

Amy, that struck a chord with me too, I've been in that frame of mind for a while, ever since my little boy died suddenly 18 months ago. It really makes you re-evaluate everything - enjoy your family and your lovely little boy xxx