Sunday, 12 December 2010

The last month in pictures!

Well, it's busy,busy, busy in the run up to Christmas for me so not had any time to blog at all!Definetley going to be one of my New Years Resolutions to blog more!! LOL!

Spent lots of time on the house this past month..............

We moved into our little terraced house 4 years ago with the intention of doing it all up - Which it needed so bad! But then what happens - a miracle - Ben!!! So everything got put on hold whilst we spent our money and nappies etc - Sure lots of you have been there!
Finally, this past couple of months we have saved up enough to finally get the back room and front room replastered and decorated and I am in HEAVEN!!!

Finally got the perfect dining table and chairs - courtesy of my mum and dad for our christmas present!!! Ben loves it - especially at breakfast time when he has so much going on!!!
Breakfast - Juices - Doddy and I Pod!!!!

The front room - is mummy and daddy's room!!
I have got so many textures going on - I love it!! Not quite finished yet - still want to buy some shelving - but that will have to wait until next year!!

Christmas Tree...................
Love, Love, Love the Snowflake Hearts!!! They just might have to stay after Christmas!!!

And, of course, Satsumas everywhere!!!
Always a big bowl full in my house - Ben loves them as much as me too!!

Also, this month - My Dad turned 60!!!!
Cannot believe he is 60!!! In my eyes, and I don't know why, but I always see my Mum and Dad as 43!!!! Wierd!!
Had a fab family meal at a Caribbean Restaurant which is AMAZING!!!
If you are ever in the Blackburn area you must visit it - CALYPSO CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT!

Ben has also had the chicken pox - this month - completely covered!
They were even on his tongue!!!
Thankfully they are all scabbed over now - just waiting for them to heal! Hopefully in time for photos on Christmas Day!!!!
That's been about it for this past month - I have been crafting too - Creating lots of home decor things to fill my home with but my photos for them are on my phone! Will download and put on asap!
Catch up with you all again before Christmas
Enjoy the run up too it - it's all part of the Christmas experience - and I love every minute of it!!!


crafty card fairy said...

Dear Amy, so lovely to hear from you again. hope all well with Ben by Christmas. the food at the restaurant looks very yummy. welcome Stephen to the 60's club, its fun. hope you all have the most wonderful time at Christmas and hope to get up to Lancashire in the new year. love and best wishes to you all, Yvonne xxxx

crafty card fairy said...

almost forgot - love the tree and the decorations. Yvonne xx

Pauline said...

Wow Amy, your front room is gorgeous, our living room is teal too, such a good colour all year round, although mine is full of crafting stuff too and doesnt look anywhere near as glam. I have a 4 year old and almost 1 year old and look forward to the day when we can have lovely looking things out on show and it be tidy too. At moment I have no idea where xmas tree is going as will need to be away from little fingers. I think I'll have to tidy my craft corner and put stuff back in the craft room. Ben is growing up so quickly, he so reminds me of my son in that picture, Harry is very quick to be on the laptop and Rosie loves my phone. Your dad's cake is gorgeous and hope you all had a lovely time. Take care and nice to see you back, Pauline x