Thursday, 7 October 2010

Breast Cancer Care


Sorry it's been a while since I blogged - I just do not know where the time goes!!

Just wanted to tell you all about the Breast Cancer Care Event at QVC next week.
I am so excited as I am going to be there at QVC on the night of the event - next Wednesday night - taking phone call bids from you all! Never taken part in this before so I cannot wait. A chance to help out for this amazing cause, and also get dressed up for the night!!

This year bids are being taken for a make over day with Alison, a day of gardening with Richard Jackson and then the bid that I know all you crafters go for is this year.................................

A day crafting at your own home with Me & Dawn!!!! Or, you can come into studio and take part in a live show and then have a dinner out with us too!
So many of you contact us saying I would love to have you both in my craft room for a day showing me how to use everything I have in my room - So, that's why this year it can be an option for you!!! Isn't that exciting - a full day crafting with us!!

So, here is the link to all the information on QVC GOSSIP - Take a look and I will see you all on Wednesday night on QVC for this fab event.

Have a great day



jordiegirl said...

Oooh, what an opportunity you are offering us all.

Thank you, will be watching Wednesday evening.

nikkib said...

what a great idea.... must get my bid in....

loobie said...

Fab idea, can't wait :O) Brill class today Amy, thanx for all the tips :O) Trouble 1.x

cheryl said...

Its my birthday that day so will be watching. Its usually a great night and such a worthwhile cause