Friday, 24 September 2010

Holiday and Update!

Well, Hello again Everyone!

Sorry not posted until now but after returning from holiday last wednesday - it has been non stop and I am only able to catch up with you all again today as Ben is not very well and i am at home with him today! Nothing major, just some kind of tummy upset - but he is fast asleep at the moment (I always think sleep is one of the best medicines!) so I thought I would catch up with my Blog!

Turkey was brilliant! We stayed in Antalya at a fab hotel called Wow Topkapi!! It was amazing as it had 5 pools and a water park on the side - which Ben loved! He is not afraid of the water at all - so we spent every day in the pools jumping in and Ben dunking his Daddy! Such fun!
Ben also made a couple of friends so it was great that he had a couple of play mates, especially at night - we could sit and watch him run around whilst sat with a drink - Heaven!
The weather was between 90 and 100 degrees all of the 10 days there so it was hot but there was a great breeze all the time and plenty of icecream to keep us cool!!

Here are a few photos:

Ah well, summer clothes now washed and packed into the back of the wardrobe - counting down until next September/October when we can afford to go away again!! We are allready looking at brochures trying to decide where to go - we always like to book the year before we go so it gives us plenty of time to save up!!

Well, we got back last Wednesday and then I was straight back into work on the Friday as I had shows to prep and work through for the following Tuesday! A full on 3 hours of shows - it was an amazing show and it seemed to go by so quickly - I was working with the lovely Simon Biagi which was great as we always have such fun too!!

Straight after the show I was on the road home - after a quick stop off at KFC for some tea as I hadn't eaten since 9am!! Arrived home at 10pm - where Ben was fast and hard asleep in bed and my fab hubby and run me a bath ready to get in and soak away the tired muscles!! What an amazing hubby I have!

Since then I have been back at work catching up - including dealing with an replying to over 200 emails! It sometimes still amazes me how much work there is to do in this industry - from speaking with suppliers; putting together kits; sourcing new suppliers; putting together samples; looking at new techniques; teaching workshops and liasing with qvc almost daily about new shows; timetables and products!!!

Well, no rest for the wicked as they say........................ TSV launches Monday night - will another full day of crafting on Tuesday and then me and Dawn and filming promo's all day on Wednesday at QVC so another full on few days - I'll arrive back home on wednesday night and then I have no more travelling away for a while so I am going to make the most of it - my list is allready prepared of jobs I want to get done at home including painting and finally getting my craft room completely organised and ready to work in! FIngers crossed I can get it all done - Want my house all sorted for Christmas (hopefully!!

Ah well, best get on, want to get my jobs done whilst Ben is asleep!
Have a great day everyone and see you all Monday night for the TSV launch!!



Papercraft By Carole said...

Glad you had a lovely time away. Looking forward to the TSV. Cxx

cathinka said...

It was nice to see you on Tuesday, and you looked tanned and rested- hold that thought! You seem to be right back in the fast-paced, no-time-to-breathe world of work, so it's nice to read about Chris being so lovely, looking after you.
Can't wait for Monday night!! See you then,
take care,

Lucy said...

Hello Amy,

Thank you for a lovely update about what you've been up to and for the fab pics.

Sounds like you've got loads coming up as ever! You so have to post photos of your craft room when it's sorted!

Can't wait for craft day, tape recorder at the ready!

Lots of love,

Lucy xxx

Doodles said...

Hi Amy You do sound as if your very busy I am actually wishing i didn't read your blog today lol as i didn't know qvc had a tsv coming up and more craft on Tuesday i think i will need to sit on my hands unless it is a stamp tsv and then i wont be able to. LOL...My hubby has been so good to me this month but his comment about having too mortgages one for the house and one for craft did make me think. So with Christmas just around the corner i best be good . I am trying to convince myself here lol . Have a brilliant week hugs Sharon xx