Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So Sorry!

I just wanted to say I am really sorry that I have not yet posted my Blog Candy!
After QVC last week, teaching workshops all weekend and catching up on my full time job at Dawn's Store - I have not had time to breath!!
Now, I have a sick little boy, so I am at home trying to catch up on everything at the moment whilst Ben has a nap!! (Wish I could have one myself!!)

I PROMISE that the Candy will be here online by the end of the week - so please check back then!

Apologies again



Helen B said...

Hi Amy,
Sorry to hear Ben is ill,I hope he gets better soon.We will miss seeing you on QVC this week.Make sure you get some rest.Looking forward to the blog candy,Craftworks are my favourite.
See you soon,
Helen B

Hazel (Didos) said...

Golly don't yuou worry. Being a Mummy and proper work comes before blogging. Hope Ben gets better soon. Bless Tom was off ill yesterday but his tongue went all day so it was fine!!! Back to school today to give my ears a rest!!! Take Care Hxoxox

elaine said...

Hope Ben will be feeling better soon, would love to come up to the design studio later in the year for one of your demos, as myself and 2 friends enjoyed it in january so much but as its a 4 hour round trip we cant do it very often and ive looked online and they only go up to july, if you could let me know it would be great.
Take care Elaine xx

Doodles said...

Dear Amy, look after you and poor Ben we all understand and will be here when you can be back with us all. Main thing is you and your family are alright sending you all a big hug.
lots of love
Sharon . xxx

JOYCE said...

Hi Amy, so sorry to hear that little Ben is ill .. hope he's soon feeling better. You look after yourself too .. and try to get some rest .. don't want you to be ill too! Will miss you on QVC, but Ben needs his mummy now. Take care xx

Pauline said...

You have nothing to be sorry for Amy. As Hazel has said you're a mum and as a fellow mummy I know only too well the priority list, children come 1st, then hubby, then work, then hobbies, then housework. Really hope Ben is better soon. Its horrible when they ill, and having just started nursery Harry is always ill. Rosie being only 5 months is also catching everything Harry gets so I have it in stereo, then of course me and matt catch everything too so its like a vicious circle. I really dont know how you do it with all your travelling to London too. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Updating your blog should be the last thing on your mind but thank you for thinking of us.

Look forward to seeing you on air again soon

Pauline xx

jordiegirl said...

Wondered why you weren't on QVC today with Dawn, she just said you couldn't be there. Now we know.

Hope Ben gets better soon, and don't forget to take a rest yourself.

ytramm said...

Hi Amy - sorry to hear that Ben is not feeling so good. Thought there must have been something keeping you from your blog. Hope that you can find some time to rest yourself and look forward to taking part in my first blog candy when you have time. Best wishes - get well soon Ben, love Yvonne xx

nikkib said...

Awww bless, hope Ben feels better soon..... I remember Dawn saying he's got measles so thats why you weren't down in London this time. xxx

cathinka said...

Sorry to hear Ben's not well- hope you are able to avoid measles after your hectic workload recently, and are able to get enough rest. I know that's almost impossible with a poorly child, but hope so anyway.
To echo everyone above- don't worry about blogging- just look after your family-
Wishing Ben better-

Brenda said...

Hi Amy,
Glad to hear that Ben is feeling better now.
Enjoyed the shows on QVC this week, keep up the good work.Love the fab products Craftwork cards produce.