Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer is Here!!

Isn't it fab when the sun comes out!
It puts everyone I know in to a much better mood!!!
You see people smiling more - it really does make the world a much better place!
Another thing the sun is helping with is my diet....................

I have been a very good girl now for 2 days - cut down on my carbs intake and cut out all the rubbish too including chocolate and crisps!
I really want to loose weight for our holiday in September as I want to be confident enough in a bikin to be in the pool all the time with Ben and Chris - not hiding under a beach tool on the side!!!

Another reason is that it mine and Chris' wedding anniversary next week - 3 years married!! - and we have booked a weekend away, just the two of us! So looking forward to it.
We have booked a table at a Comedy Club one night and then shopping the next day followed by a lovely meal out. In the 4 years that Chris and I have been together so much has happened in such a short period of time - Moving in together; Pregnancy; Marriage; Baby all in the space of 12 months!!!! But, the one thing that Chris has never seen me is drunk!!! Can you believe that - 4 years together and he has never seen me drunk!! I have told him that it is not going to be a pretty sight - but he says he loves me!!! LOL!!

Well, I am in work all this weekend - enjoying the sun from inside my office(!!!) and one of my jobs today is putting another Blog Candy together so look out for that over the next few days.

Anyway, must get on - had my lunch break now - a tuna salad and a bottle of water!!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the weather



cathinka said...

You made me smile with the photo of the empty tuna salad container!
Am happy the bright weather's here too, and am playing with the 'Wings & Flowers' CD you showed on QVC- it's VERY good.
Have a good weekend/sunday-

Helen B said...

You work too hard Amy,make sure you also have some family time and also me time.I have had severe depression and have now changed my time and make sure I have plenty of me time.
This weekend I have been busy using the two TSV's.they really are a good kit.I also brought both sets of cardstock.
Well done Kanban.
Take care and love to Ben.Don't work too hard.
love Helen

Joyce said...

I know what you mean about the sun and a diet ... all my good resolutions fly out of the window when it's wet , windy and cold (well that's my excuse anyway!)
Hope you and Chris have a super weekend away .. children are wonderful, but your time alone together is also very special. Enjoy ... and hope the hangover isn't too bad!! Love xx

trammyd said...

have a great anniversary Amy and enjoy your time away with Chris. you will come back refreshed and raring to go as i did after the residential, best wishes Yvonne

jordiegirl said...

Another lovely post from you with interesting photos - especially the empty tuna salad container - lol!

I bought the 2 TSVs and have used some already. They are both fabulous, there is such a wide choice of topics in both kits. As soon as I opened them and looked at the sheets I knew who certain things would be suitable for.

Hope your weekend is great.