Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Day Off!

Well, I have just had a fab day off with Chris & Ben!

Had a really hectic week what with Residential last weekend - shows at QVC on Tuesday and then preparing all week for TSV launch tomorrow night!! Phew!
Was glad to have a day off before the madness starts again tomorrow!

We went to the Trafford Centre (as the weather wasn't so good!) - Had a walk around - whilst Ben was pushed around in one of those cars that you can rent (he loves them!) We then had dinner at KFC and then stopped at the amazing Krispy Kreme store next door!!!
Oh my gosh - the first time I had a Krispy Kreme was quite a few years ago in Washington DC when I went to visit my best friend and I completely fell in love with them!

So we bought a box of 12 and there are currently 6 left!!!!!! Don't think there will be any left by the time we go to bed!

I then nipped into work quickly to just check up on a few things and see the wonderful Lindsay Mason demonstrating with Beeswax - She is SO talented and such a lovely lady - Always great to see her, she was telling me that she was doing cockle overs last night at my mum and dad's house with my niece, Alicia!!!!! (That's another story for another day!!!)

I am now packed and ready to set off to London tomorrow lunchtime - just waiting for the takeaway to arrive (well, after KFC and Krispy Kreme's there really isn't any point in a salad for tea is there!!!!)

Thought I would share with you a few samples I made yesterday for shows this week - I am completely in love with this kit and am putting an order in straight away!

Hope you like them!!!

See you all tomorrow at midnight and 1am then 9am; 12noon; 2 - 4pm; 7pm & 10pm!!

Good night all



She said...

Beautiful samples Amy. I've had a great weekend. I did the workshop Saturday and was back to see Lindsay yesterday! Best way to spend a weekend. Good luck with the TSV. Love S x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Mmmm Going to have to get some Krispy Cremes now. Fab and Vince talk about them too. Sound yummy.
Looking forward to the TSV. Hope to treat myself.
Lindsay is sooo nice, I was gutted I couldn't see her ther other week when she came up to Scotland. :-(
Hope you have a wicked time with the TSV sure it will be great fun as always. Love Hxox

nikkib said...

Looking forward to the TSV tonight, will be watching as always.

I love Krispy Kremes.....

Joyce said...

Lovely samples Amy .. and I don't know what Krispy Cremes are, but they sound delicious, so I will have to get some, I think!! Can't wait for midnight and all the shows tomorrow .. so good luck with the TSV!! See you soon !! (in a manner of speaking!) Love xx

jordiegirl said...

Great post Amy.

Haven't a clue what Krispy Cremes are, never seen one, never tasted one, but they sound scrummy!!! Must look out for them.