Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas Craft Clearance TODAY!!

Morning everyone

Just a little quick entry!
Christmas Craft Clearance shows today on QVC start at
2pm through to 5pm!!! A full 3 hours of shows!
Amazing bargains to be had so be sure to tune in at 2pm!!!

See you then

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Shirley Davis said...

Just to say how much I enjoyed the show this afternoon on QVC - the 'normal' slot that Aunty Dawn usually presents.

You were on with Charlie and brought a lot of brand new products to air. A nice change after so many outlet hours!

I have to say you were thrown in the deep end recently and it must have been daunting to have so much TV work and preparation. I have not been as supportive as I might be as the gaps showed sometimes BUT today you were BRILLIANT.

Thanks go to your Mum as well. Enjoy your family holiday. I'm a little envious but also love my home!