Monday, 22 June 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Well, here I am finally! After setting up Dawn's Blog for her & the Dawn Bibby Design Studio Blog - I have finally got around to doing my own!
I've just bought myself a brand new camera - my first "proper" camera as I call it and it has motivated me to finally take pictures of all of my work so that I can share them!
I've taken 726 pictures in 2 days - good job we don't have to pay for film developing anymore or else Chris would be going mad! lol! So much easier now - just take my memory card out of my camera plug it into my laptop and there we go! Mind you saying that, the problems is then making sure you print them out and do something with them instead of just leaving them to fester inside a computer!
Anyhoo - Going to try and upload some pictures today of some of my work and then I best get back to work!!
Speak soon


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