Monday, 29 June 2009

Great Weekend in the Sun!

What a lovely weekend I had!
My friend Andrew was over from the USA with his wife Dee and their two children - Matthew and new baby Carlyn.

I grew up with Andrew in Blackburn - but he went over to the USA on a 12 month out period - fell in love and then transferred over to USA with his job! We still are as close as we have ever been though which is lovely!
He came over to be my chief bridesmaid when I got married and I have just been made Godmother to his new baby Carlyn. I feel so lucky to still have him in my life - as friends seem to come and go as you grow up and get a family of your own.

Plus, of course it is great to have someone to visit in the USA - As it is my favourite place in the world! I love America and so wish I could live there!

So we all met up at my Mum and Dads house on Saturday night for a get together and something to eat. Such a good night catching up and my Aunty Julie and Uncle Robert were there together with my Aunty Dawn and JJ - They hadn't seen Andrew since my wedding so it was lovely for everyone to catch up.

Matthew ended up playing football - sorry Soccer! in the back garden with my Dad whilst everyone else was inside catching up over the dining table - With food and wine!! I got to practice again with my new camera, and so did Dee - we are both mad on taking photos - It was great as Carlyn and Matthew are such good models!

Then after Andrew and Dee left with the kids, everyone else, except myself as I was driving, carried on drinking around the table! 9 Bottles of wine apparently disappeared!!!!

Good weekend had by all! I love family get togethers - but they never seem to happen as often as you'd like so they?!
Well, best go and get my photos from this weekend printed - a brand new range of Basic Grey Papers have just arrived in work so I know exactly what I am going to do with these photos!! Will post them when finished!

Until next time


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